GuideHow Now?

At HowNoww we believe that Eurobonds should be as mainstream and accessible as equities…so we created this practical guide.

In this guide, we explain how the Eurobond market works. There are many venues explaining the theoretical side of bonds, however we believe they ignore what matters most: the practical side.

This is a living document to help everybody understand Eurobonds. We therefore eagerly encourage you to send us any comments, corrections or additions in order to improve its quality and relevance.

Nigeria has seen an exponential rise in the issuance of Eurobonds within the last ten years. Whilst the first Nigerian Eurobond was issued by Guaranty Trust Bank in January 2007, followed by First Bank of Nigeria in March 2007, the government waited to launch its maiden Eurobond until July 2013. With a substantial number of Eurobonds currently outstanding, it is time to take a closer look.

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